Vendor Info

Vendor registration is closed for this year.

Early bird vendor registration deadline: June 23, 2017.

Cost Description
$50 10’x10′ merchandise vendor (space only) fee waived for Lulu’s suppliers if sales go through Lulu’s registers. Rate increases to $75 for registrations received/postmarked after June 23, 2017.
$75 10’x10′ canopy, 30″x72″ table, two chairs (set-up and ready)
$25 Power hook-up (extension cord/power strip NOT included)
$2 /gallon Propane

Please review the Vendor frequently asked questions for further information.

Vendor FAQs

Can I just set up on the street or pass out flyers?

No. These activities are prohibited by the Brighton Chile Fest. Anyone who has not paid for a booth space and is passing out information or conducting business will be escorted off the premises. If your product is suitable to circulating among the crowd and passing out samples, you must receive prior approval from us and pay a vendor fee for product promotion.

Hours & Setup

What are the exhibit hours?

The festival and exhibits officially run from 12:00-6:00 PM, though because Lulu’s opens at 9:00 AM, it is not uncommon for early customers to come outside to check things out. If you are set up early, you may be able to capture some early business.

When can I start setting up?

Vendor set-up begins at 9:00 AM, and must be completed by 11:30 AM.

Can I pack up and leave before 6:00 PM?

No, early departure of vendors is not permitted as it will be disruptive to guests and break the flow of the festival.

Application & Payment

What forms of payment do you accept for payment of vendor fees?

Check, cash, or credit card (credit card must be paid in person at Lulu’s)

Do I need to pay the vendor fees before the day of the festival?

Yes, fees must be included with your application for it to be considered.

If my application is not accepted will my payment be returned?

Yes absolutely. We will not retain any portion of your payment if we do not approve your application.

For what reason(s) might my application not be approved?

We may disapprove an application if there are too many of a certain type of product, or if the business or product offered is not deemed a good fit.

Why do I have to pay before I know if my booth is accepted?

Sending us a check for full amount is a good faith way of ensuring your booth space and matching it up to your application.

When will I know if I have been accepted into the festival?

All applicants will be notified upon receipt of payment by email as to their acceptance or rejection from the chili fest. Checks from accepted applicants will be deposited within a week of receipt.

Is there a discounted booth fee for non-profit organizations?

No. The Brighton Chile Fest is a fundraiser for the Brighton Legacy Foundation and Food Bank of the Rockies. We have a low flat fee for vendor booths. Any individual or group can get an early bird discount by applying and paying by July 1st.

Booth Info

How does the Brighton Chile Fest Committee decide where to place the booths?

We lay out the chile fest to facilitate channeling attendees through the event to maximize exposure to all booths. We try to put some distance between competing vendors or those with similar products. With some vendors we try to group complimentary products together. Requiring electricity or utilizing propane can also affect where your booth is placed as ensuring the safety of our guests and vendors is important.

Where will my booth be located?

The festival takes place outside, and the surface is primarily dirt. All accepted vendors will receive a vendor info packet via email by September 1st with booth space number assignment, as well as specific directions for set up, tear down, and vendor parking.

How big are the booth spaces?

Vendor booth spaces are 10′ x 10′. If you are supplying your own canopy, or bringing any stand alone signage, display furniture, etc., please make sure it all fits within your space.

What if I need more space?

You can rent additional 10’x10′ spaces as needed.

Can a booth space be shared by multiple businesses/groups?

Up to two vendors may share a booth. The price is the same, and the size of the booth is the same. Please be sure to include both business names and contact names on your application and check.

Fixtures & Power

Do I need to order canopy, table, chairs, or electricity when I submit my application if I need them, or can I request them the day of the festival?

Yes, you must order and pay for them at time of application so that we can plan accordingly and have them on site for you.

Can I get an extension cord or power strip to use if I order a power hook-up?

No, we do not have extension cords or power strips available for loan, you will need to bring your own.

How long of an extension cord do I need to have?

We recommend 25′.

If I run out of propane can I get more on site, or do I need to reserve it in advance?

We have plenty of propane available for purchase at $2 per gallon, and does not need to be ordered in advance.


Is there designated vendor parking?

Yes, vendor parking is in the field adjacent to the festival. All vendor and vendor employee vehicles must be parked in this designated area, and not in the Lulu’s parking lot. We appreciate your cooperation with this in order to have as much parking available for customers and festival attendees as possible.

Sales Tax

Do I need a sales tax license?

Only if you are selling food or merchandise. Sales tax licenses are REQUIRED by the state of Colorado. The Brighton Chile Fest is required to provide names, addresses, and tax license numbers of all vendors before the festival. As a vendor, you will be required to collect tax on all sales, and remit those taxes to the state.

Where do I get a tax license?

You can download sales tax license forms by following this link:

You can also apply in person at:
144 West Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80202

Which tax license do I need, Special Events or Regular?

Please refer to the web site listed above, but in a nutshell, if you are only doing one fair this year, get a one-time special events license. If you are doing two or more fairs, you’ll need the multiple events license. If you have a regular place of business, the sales tax license you have for that business will most likely cover the Brighton Chile Fest, but please verify this with the Department of Revenue.

We’re not selling anything, do we need a sales tax license?

No. You do not need a sales tax license for the festival if you are only promoting your services or business on site, and no money is changing hands.

I have a question not answered here, who can I contact?

Amanda Griffin email or call (303) 905-6114